Your level of confidence and hesitations with health care decisions?

Confidence building choices:

Preparing my questions ahead of time for appointments.

Reminding myself that my health is a priority and that it is ok to ask questions if I don’t understand something. It is my right to ask questions.

Talking to close friends or family about my worries/fears before and after appointments.

Taking time out in nature to get myself calm and grounded, and getting a good sleep, before I make important decisions.

Hesitations (limiting thoughts) that can reduce confidence and impact choices.

Worried I am being a bother, knowing how busy they are.

Thinking there are more sick people than me out there needing to be seen.

Feel like the system is broken anyway, and I am just wasting my time. It’s not worth the effort.

Others might see me as pushy and aggressive.

Healthcare practitioners haven’t believed me in the past and won’t likely believe me again this time.