Powerful Health Care Decisions

The constant message we hear is “fix the healthcare system”. The message we do not hear is how we, as patients, can be better educated and develop the skills needed so we can set the tone for the conversation with healthcare providers and play a key role in this conversation.

Powerful Healthcare Decisions helps you develop the skills to research trusted information and advocate for what you need and want in managing your health care. The intent of this online training is to help you claim your voice and imagine a new reality that advocates for what you need and want in managing your health care. This results in a greater sense of freedom, well-being, and confidence.

Powerful Healthcare Decisions is comprised of online courses and health guidance coaching. The “power” comes from agency – the concrete capacity for meaningful action that includes not only freedom and confidence, but resources for action.

Here are some of the questions that the training can help you answer…

In the world of 15-minute appointments and a system with limited resources, where it is especially important to be able to effectively communicate with healthcare practitioners….

  • How do I discern among sources of information that I can trust about my illness and treatment options?
  • How do I develop the skills for advocating for what I need and want in managing my health care in conversations with healthcare practitioners?

If you were to receive a diagnosis that could alter your life, are you prepared to answer these questions?

  • What quality of life do I want?
  • How much risk am I willing to take in terms of treatment?
  • Can I do this on my own?
  • How can I make an intentional health care decision and not live in regret if things do not work out as planned?

If not, you should prepare now, not when you are ill. Our training will help you do this.

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